The Group

Along the History, Sea Trade has developed a huge source of potential resources, commercial transactions and common understanding between men, countries and cultures.

We are absolutely concerned about the relevance and continous growth of maritime industry as well as new challenges which our customers require to satisfy their present needs and concerns, leading us to a continous effort on staff training, improvement of service and investments on new machinery and equipments.

As shipping agents and port operators we may offer any kind of maritime services in commercial ports of Ribadeo, Burela and Celeiro, subject to the special requirements and sigularities for each port.

On behalf of the human team which is an essential part of this company I would like to thank you for visiting our website on the Internet as a source of information and linking channel to our clients, suppliers and those people or companies who are willing to know about our essence and identity as a company.

As a family group PERTEJO, SL has designed a policy which concerns with what our clients personally demand, further strengthed by 50 years of solid experience through the maritime and port industry since foundation of the company by Mr Antonio Pertejo Castaño.