The most relevant traffics of goods at Ribadeo port relate with general and bulk cargoes having the following infrastructures for their handling:

Total commercial area: 30.022 m2
Total warehousing area: 7.800 m2
Total docking line for berthing: 1.590 m2

Our part has also one official scale weighbridge whose management and control is handled by the port authority Portos de Galicia.

The port has been nominated as Port Control Inspection (PIF) for the inspection and control of plant and wood products from third countries (wood, cereals, etc ...)

The nearest airports are:

- Asturias (OVD): 100 km (approx. 1 hour driving)

- A Coruña (LCG): 150 km (approx. 1 hour 30 min by car) (Necessarily crew to relay subject to VISA)

- Santiago de Compostela (SCQ): 190 km (approx. 2 hours driving).

Road connections with Asturias, Galicia, Northern Spain and rest of Peninsula have remarkably and mainly improved in recent years thanks to the construction of the A-8 Cantabric Motorway as well as ring and accessing roads from the highway which links directly to the commercial port.

Some new areas for industrial and logistic space outside the port have been created also as a complement and support to port area:

Logistic Zone at Ribadeo - abt. 2 kms distance from port.

Logistic Zone at Barres (Castropol) about 12 kms distance from port (trhough A-8).

Logistic Zone at Barreiros about 15 kms distance from port (trhough A-8).

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